Nucleus and Spirit



A rose for my love.

I wrote this 24 July 2011 but never finished it. I’m posting it anyway:


Let’s assume a few things. If I give myself the time for it, I will explain these assumptions in a later post.
1) There is more to the world than what meets the eye. That is, there is a spiritual realm in our reality.
2) The spiritual realm is infinite in its existence.
3) There are at least two realms, or forms of existence (existence as an essence); the material and the spiritual.
Hold on now.
4) If we and everything (yes, everything) are spiritual in essence, given varying qualities, given different forms of expression (of the spirit).
5) We have material bodies in a material world (the matter, not the concept).

Now, if you’re still with me:
Given (2), and given that our material reality is part of the spiritual reality (4) & (5), then our material reality, as its part of the infinite spiritual reality, has the potential to become infinitely large, occupying as much of the spiritual as we allow it to.
Just something to think about.

I keep saying this but I’ll say it again: everything in moderation, everything in balance. It is still important not to lose complete touch with the material realm, the spiritual as well for that matter.

Just like the planet, just like the atom, no matter what consists the system, the sphere, be it gasses, electrons, earth, and no matter how large or how small it is, a nucleus is necessary to keep it balanced, to keep it from collapsing or falling apart.
Our nucleus, as material beings existing in a world of matter, must be the material.
All in moderation, all in balance.
We cannot occupy ourselves too far with this nucleus, then we limit ourselves to it’s borders. It is when we are able to live in the spiritual that we can truly become infinite.


At the time of writing I was here planning on moving on to explaining the diffusion of the division between the material and spiritual (leading to an eventual dissolving of both). Then I was going to defend my claim for the nucleus as something material. It was not to say that we are material beings in essence, I was making a clean statement. Exactly as it says: as material beings (body), we are material. In fact, take the last bit alone. We are material (ie. we have mass). That’s all I’m saying.
Of course, the reality of our existences are far more complex and beyond our current capacity and therefore have none of these qualities, a metaphor is just a metaphor.


Words are my being.

I am, at the time of writing this, sitting above the city. From here I am given vantage, of the city-tops of course. As i am left with my thoughts and to reflect I gain a little vantage over myself as well.

“Create in me a pure heart, O my God, and renew a tranquil conscience within me, O my Hope!”
– Bahá’u’lláh

My life and I have constantly been on the move the past couple months. Most of the traveling has been happening inside of me. There has been a long downhill and contrary to popular belief, downhills aren’t the easiest to traverse. They wear down your joints and you hit heavy bumps for every step taken. You have to pace yourself and carefully watch your output the whole trip lest you wish to engage yourself in a free fall, it would be easy.. for the seconds it would last.

Slowing down, watching my steps, tweaking, fixing adjusting, gives me the opportunity to observe and learn. As I keep my eyes open (inner as much as my outer), I, little by little, learn about the path I must traverse to lift me back up, knowing it better than ever.

Sometimes I forget to think, about what I’m thinking. It’s good to give myself some time off from everything. I admit it’s hard. Taking time off from chores and obligations is one thing, taking time off from my stream of thought is another.

My beloved eternal companion has brought to my attention the almost mysterious concept of “mindfulness”. Mindfulness is to be mindful of ones thoughts and consciousness. It may seem obvious to some, to others it may only seem obvious.
[Sidetrack (almost): ever read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now? It’s on my reading list.]
To be mindful is to live in the now. In other words, it pertains to a divine unity between body and spirit. I’ll get back to this divine unity, but for now mindfulness. In a nutshell it is to know what you’re thinking and being able to choose what to think and when to think. I often find myself sitting at a café, perhaps reading a book, enjoying the atmosphere, maybe chatting with a friend.. all the while thinking about buying groceries for dinner, dusting my apartment, sending an important letter to my bank, the studying I should be doing, thinking about being stressed (Yes, stressing about being stressed), and much, much more. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

I actually find it difficult to think about having coffee when having coffee and to enjoy myself when enjoying myself. Mindfulness is to switch off those excessive thoughts.

Just live.

You are what matters; Now is the time that matter.
Did you catch that? If not, read it again.

Now is the time that matter.

Learning how to be mindful involves a process of reflection and meditation. It is to search yourself ever so often and critically ask yourself: “What’s on my mind right now?”

It is only when there is a unity of impulses of the body and the will of the spirit that there can be divine unity.

Divine unity is when the body is capable of identifying the will and intents of the spirit, and being capable of expressing, of manifesting the spirit in the material (paraphrasing a talk by Dunbar, Hooper, the author of “Forces of Our Time”). One could for example condense this to: “Live your life free of regrets.” but not without neglecting your spiritual self. Living life freely and regret-free does not mean to do as you please with disregard to your neighbour, neither does it only pertain to satisfying your every primal need, be it financially, sexualy, or wants. Everything in moderation, everything in balance, the body and spirit as well. Recognising and living in unity with your spirit is absolutely not to forget you have a material body.

What the spirit is, is a topic for another discussion.

I am under the impression that we, as humans, are social beings. That is, we need others for our own well being. This means a basic concern that every human should have to their environment, community, and of course our world. Ensuring that those around us are well is to ensure our own well being, as well as the world’s progress. There is no point on the Machiavellian scale that is acceptable. Call me naive and an idealist, but we need to have our eyes fixed on the ideal future and act along that path. If we want a world free of conflict and suppression we need to start with ourselves. (Saying one thing and doing another?) You go figure what that means.

Another precept I naively believe is that most of us know when we do good or bad. We can go ahead and argue that good or bad is only a victim of the times and culture in which it is enacted. True, to a certain extent. First, there must be a number of values that hold universal truth to us as humans, many of the known virtues being a few of them. Second, we are gifted with the ability to think, and thereby to question, let’s make use of that. Educating and learning for yourself is a thing we all should do; only believing when there is good reason to believe. Thirdly, we know a priori that we can only know what we know. What we know as good is the best good we can know, therefore, acting as best we can according to this is all we can and should do. Fourthly, and lastly, it is our duty and nature to search, question, develop, change, perform.

I was once told: The purpose of life is easy. Be happy, be happy, be happy!
Not in the future, not tomorrow, today!


TED Talks presentation on the truths of motivation.
And this is a fun animated version of it if you want a more visual presentation.


Notes on Earth



A street spray-painter.

Click here to see more of his art.

There are a few of them along Karl Johan (in Oslo) but he’s surprisingly the only one who’s health conscious enough to wear the gas-mask. Go him!

I carry two small black moleskines [ˌmɔleˈskines] (and a pen of course) with me at all times. A walk down the street bombards the mind with information. Every once in a while something I read, see, hear, am told jumps out and just asks for being noted.

Book no.1 have three titles/sections (1) People to research, (2) Things to research, (3) Study & Notes.

It generally contains more academically related notes. Mostly along the lines of sociology and psychology.

Book no.2 is the random notebook, the less significant one and wouldn’t be much of a loss if lost. Phone numbers, names, books and movies I want to look up, things I need to get done, grocery lists, prices on things I walk by, products I see on an ad and am curious about, etc. etc. Anything non-academic really.

When I started with these two notebooks (they were only one book) they changed my life quite a lot. Remembering names, addresses, phone numbers; to telling myself to look up words and people; and then eventually morphed into book no.1’s role. Theories, quotes, philosophers, etc. Learning and remembering to remember became a whole lot easier.

I’m sure you’ve experienced those moments. You’re hearing a name but have no idea who it is and think: “Geee, I wish I had a computer/library readily available right now… I’ll look it up when I get home/ when I have the time.” and you never do. Next time you hear the same name you think the same thing and the same thing happens.

I say: Nevermore!

I’m sure some of you refer to your phone at times like these. But I like it this way. Being able to easily bring up and flip through a little notebook for all those theories and quotes. Physically writing them down makes them easier to remember, they’re extremely quick and easy to find. But most importantly, I’m electricity independent. Taking hikes, travelling. Those tech free moments become all the more enjoyable. (Besides, whipping out a notebook fervently writing looks so much cooler.)

Here are three notes from notebook no.1:

1. the relational categorical distance

– categories created in accordance to social & spacial closeness (ego) [Leach 1964]

– what is allowed is often in a middle-distance -> too close or too far = taboo [Døving 1998]

– evidence of humans as social beings

2. “culture […] is a context,” [Geertz 1973]

– understanding culture is understanding the basis of a people’s actions, not the action itself

– “Understanding a people’s culture exposes their normalness without reducing their particularity.” [ibid.]

3. w/ globalisation as an e.g. in mind. Diversity is good and encourages growth and dev.. Different cultures should exist, but they should not be geographically bound. -> “Cross national nationality”.


No Title

Dear empty void,
Ever since geocities shut down (R.I.P), my other blog has been stripped off all images and a few .php and .js files, thus leaving it a heap of waste-material.
It hasn’t been much of a problem with my infrequent posting and all and still isn’t.
I did however just spend half an hour setting up and moving my Blogger blog over here at WordPress. Though that does not mean that I plan to frequent the blogosphere. It simply means I had nothing to do for half an hour until I did this.

I may or may not step back in the saddle. Time will tell.
How have you been world? I have been great.

Sincerely yours,


I didn’t have a photo to go with this post.
Of course I do have the option of finding one on- or offline.. but what’s the fun in that. I’ve so far managed to consistently stick to my own photos.
Besides, what would be the point of a semi-sort-of-photoblog without my photos in it.
Therefore photo-less post.
Have on the same hand been off the camera for a while again. Another off-season.

On the other hand.
Swimming is my new infatuation and possible passion for a while. I know. I just do.
This feeling of joy and freedom. Moving in every x y and z, however I want. Something nothing else in this world allows.
This sore feeling in my very existence. Numbing yet empowering. It’s not just the endorphins speaking.
For the longest time, jogging and sprinting has been my only constant athletic passion. I’ve done others, enjoyed some more than others; of which the ones I feel like mentioning: long jump, high jump, discos, basketball.
Now I can say jogging, sprinting + swimming.

Humans sure are interesting creatures. Most seek stability and order. Control. Overview. Knowledge (of whatever sort). Even those who seek change seek stability. Understanding these relations between change and stability. I wonder. Understanding what people live for. Interesting.

«Power». There’s another word in the topic of control and stability.
Sensing power and desiring power. Feeling superior or wishing for it.
I feel ’empowered’ when and after I swim and jog. Of course that isn’t the only reason, but nevertheless I feel great. Reading and studying, though different per singularis, is to me a power. I can control what I know, manipulate and apply as I please. Know what I want and decide what to express however I want (in this privileged society which I reside within).
Some gain knowledge to gain power. A means to an end.

I read an article in a newspaper the other day.
A group of 25 year olds (you’d think responsible adults), kicked and beat a beggar on the street.

Psychological delusions and cravings.

Choosing (a) life

Look Ahead
Look Ahead
This world is full of colours and lights.

One of those photos I’ve wanted to try for a while and finally did.

I’ve been doing some thinking lately.
My life needs a change. The way I live that is. A change within.
Get out more, explore more, seize the moments that flutter past.
What were those words so over-used by a popular media of mass production and consumption?
Though in words true to Horatius:

Carpe Diem
quam minimum credula postero.

Seize the day
putting as little trust as possible in tomorrow.

I can’t say I’ve been living a life of plans so far, only seeing as far as my arms can reach, sometimes, though experimentally, while stretching, to see how far they reach. The difference though, is I have never put much thought into my actions, never thought more than two steps past the current, what can happen, what may happen, why, or whether I want it to happen. I live my life by vague rules, rules I’ve made as I’ve walked along this path. They serve no purpose than to allow me life.
Time to stop floating and start swimming.

I have news for this blog too. I used to think I’d only want to post when I have something to say. That is, something current, something thought through.
I’m going to be posting anything and everything. Who needs a purpose and reason to post to an abandoned, forsaken pointless blog. I’ll write, post, vent, anything I have to vent. If I feel like venting.

I admit, I read this blog post first before posting this one:
Write to Done blog

If you haven’t seen the movie then you should but here’s the theme song played amazingly by Itzhak Perlman:
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